CUTBACK Street Art and Graffiti documentary project

Filmed between 2011-2014 in Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and NYC, CUTBACK includes interviews with Australian artists discussing their work, motivations and frustrations. Over 60 artists were interviewed for the project and including: E.L.K., DMOTE, MAKATRON, RONE, MEGGS, ZEROSIX, HAHA, KIDZOOM, VEXTA, JAK RAPMUND, FACTER, MINI GRAFF, MR PERSO, SHANNON CREES, BEN FROST, NUMSKULL, EARS, BEASTMAN & PHIBS.

The project is a multi-platform web project and feature documentary designed for self navigation. The videos are sorted into: Artists, Collectives, Places and People.   
In this project I interviewed many Australian artists about their art making practice, motivations and inspirations. Looking constantly for the ‘key’ to understanding the addiction, which is street art and graffiti. My approach is to explore “art as process” not just as outcomes.  Art as experience. Continuously inspired by artists using their energy to make sense of this crazy world and our part in it. I am but attempting to do the same.

I have titled the document “CutBack” as I see the term as an allegory of the technique of filming and editing to make meaning, and explains what I have tried to achieve through this project.
“CutBacks: The process of layering spray paint to achieve thin or uniquely shaped lines otherwise impossible using spray paint. This technique is also used to clean the edges of existing lines by reapplying the neighbouring colour.”          
Source: Zero Tolerance Weatley & Adams (2011).